Wildlife attractions in Kaziranga are worth making a trip to Assam for

kaziranga national Park
Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga is a world famous wildlife sanctuary that is renowned for its work towards the conservation of the one-horned rhino. Widespread poaching led to the severe decline of the species and it was here in Kaziranga that the conservation efforts have had the best results and today about 2/3rd of the world’s population of rhinos can be found at Kaziranga. There are other wildlife attractions in Kaziranga that make a visit here a unique and enlightening experience especially seeing so many wild animals in their natural habitat.

The tourists can enjoy the wildlife attractions in Kaziranga with the help of jeep safaris and the more popular option of elephant rides. The elephant rides are a great way to come across the wildlife attractions in Kaziranga and these early morning rides before the heat of the day sets in shows the jungle in a magical light and with the elephant moving silently through the tall grass one can see rhinos, various species of birds and even wild elephants and water buffalo. Kaziranga is also home to the Tiger and here too conservation efforts have paid off with rapidly declining numbers increasing significantly. Kaziranga is in the Nagaon and Golagaon district of Assam and is fed by four of Assam’s rivers including the Brahmaputra. This makes the region very fertile and there are sand bars here that are home to many species of birds.

Kaziranga is a good place to see many of India’s birds, animals and reptiles in their natural habitat. Among the birds there are so many species of migratory birds who come here attracted by the climate and the availability of food. Reptiles include many species of snakes, tortoises, turtles and even monitor lizards and birds like Eagles, vultures, storks, ducks, pelicans etc. Leopards, sloth bears, hog deer and other varieties of deer are also commonly seen here. The wildlife attractions in Kaziranga are a great way to see for oneself the amazing variety of animals living in their natural habitat. Even the 12 horned deer known locally as the Barasingha and the Gangetic Dolphins are seen here.

Find out more about the wildlife attractions of Kaziranga by browsing online for the latest updated information on the park. There are lodges and decent hotels nearby for the comfort of the tourists and information on these too is available on the official Kaziranga Park website as well as on sites that conduct tours to the reserve. Choose a good package that includes all the details for a comfortable trip to Kaziranga and there are many options available online. From travel details to accommodation and booking the elephant ride one can easily plan the entire trip to view the wildlife attractions in Kaziranga without leaving the comfort of home. This is also a great way to spend a vacation with children and have them learn more about the incredible wealth of natural beauty that India has.


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