Amarnath Yatra – Spiritual Journey to Lord Shiva Home

Amarnath Cave
Amarnath Cave

Located in Jammu and Kashmir at the head of the Sindh valley which is in Kashmir. Amarnath has the Himalayas to the north and the Sasakat mountains to the south.

This pilgrimage is for about 2 – 6 days.

If you are coming here from Srinagar then take the state highway all the way to Chandanwari going via Anantnag and Pahalgam. You can even make a trip to Amarnath from the Jammu NH1 A to Khanabal through Udhampur.

With the beautiful culture here in India, as Kashmir struggles for its survival, all these are part of the great Amarnath Yatra. The usually regular pilgrims who come through this route pass through enchanting places. Going upward to meet the amazing greatness and glory of their god.

According to legends, on a pilgrimage, the person perceives with a mind the image of Lord Shiva and his eternal splendor.

Hence Shiva is known as the deathless lord and the absolute power of the universe.

Even though there may not the best the amenities, the trek is still amazing with fourteen thousand feet that has to be reached to go to the ice Lingam.

amarnath yatra
Amarnath Yatra

According to geographic studies this is a stalagmite which is an ice formation going upwards from the ground.

Here you will also find the Swayambhu Lingam. This is a sight that never fails to move, and touch the lives of the pilgrims who come here.

Around the lingam, there are many stories attached of priests, monks, pilgrims, security personal, pony men, travel agents, shopkeeps and devotees.

Later on at this point, every Yatri gives testimonial on how this Yatra has affected their; lives and a brief about what they presently feel.

There is a strong connection between the Himalayan peaks and Lord Shiva; Kailash describes the Himalayas as the laughter of Shiva.

When you are inside the Amarnath cave, a pure ice mound is formed where water trickles down drop by drop in a slow uniform rhythm from the top till down.

The source of this water is said to be the holiest of holies, the ramekin lake. This lake is situated right above the cave. This mound on its formation looks like a lingam. This lingam rises to its full height on a full moon. According to the local monks, the Shiv ling is responsible for how the phases of the moon changes.

During the month of Shravan which is around August it is most auspicious to for this pilgrimage during this time.

It is believed that it was this place where Shiva narrated the entire Amar kasha, which is the story of immortality. His narration was the Parvathi. Who was his then Consort?


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