Most 10 Beautiful Places In The World To Wake Up

Earth, the planet where the life exists is no doubt a beautiful place to live. Humans live in a habitat, which suits their existence. However, it will be a great experience if we could open our eyes with a scene of crystals of rain outside, soothing chirps of birds, Icy land around, sunrise from the lap of mountains. It’s not a dream; there are places around the planet with even beautiful sights. It will be a memorable experience if we could go all these places with our beloved ones. There are more than 10 places around the world, but here is the handful of places which suits your eyes to open into a fresh morning.

Paris – the most wanted romantic set for the great love stories


Paris, the heart of France is a beautiful place to wake up into a day. It will share some great memories of Eiffel tower, Sainte Chappell make it fit to go there.

Hong-Kong – the place with a handful of buzzing streets


Hong-Kong, inside the Great China gives the experience of buzzing streets, Chinese dishes to taste, handicrafts to take with us makes it an awesome place to visit.

Bali – the real Indonesia


Bali is a small town, which shares some crowd with us, but we could find a right place to spend some time with your lover. The place share an awesome sunrise in the lap of mountains coloring the beautiful land.

Mumbai – a place to visit in a human life


Mumbai, the crowded city in India finds a spot to spend a couple of days. It is the place where the cost of living is lowest in the world. Many places like Gateway of India, Juhu beach makes the trip a memorable one.

USA – a must visit place


USA is worth to visit because of its heady peaks like alpine mountains, the adventure sports to experience and the winter makes it fit to wake up from the bed.

Queensland – the land of sunshine


Queensland in Australia falls in the category of most beautiful places to wake up. It shares the shining of sun all the 300 days of a year with a soothing blue sky to open up. The land also shares the experience of green forest too.

Switzerland – the land that hugs you tight


Switzerland, famous for its overpriced lifestyle with beautiful sceneries, landscape makes it worth to visit. It opens your eyes into a wonder.

Rome – the land of monuments


Rome, inside Italy opens up a day with lots of picturesque monuments; Colosseum suits the place to visit.

Disneyland – the cartoon city


Not only for the kids, has Disneyland given a different experience of visit. Sometimes we will feel like to become a kid and enjoy the fun around.

Kashmir – heaven of earth


Kashmir, the head of India is famous for its title ‘Heaven of Earth’ finds the right place to open the eyes with the lover. Kashmir is famous for its snowy mountains, valleys flourishing with apple fields. Every year thousands of visitors travel to Kashmir & celebrated their memorable honeymoon in valley of Kashmir.

These are the group of places to wake up and enjoy some days of the human life. It will be a great experience if we could visit any one of them. All these places make it to feel like earth, a blessed planet. Now start exploring these wonderful places with the people you love the most. No doubt, it will be a memorable page in your life.

Author Bio:
Harsh Vardhan works as an experienced senior writer for a travel magazine online. He has visited the world all-around and loves travelling more and more. He also writes his personal blog on travel where he provides the useful tips on travelling.


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