5 Famous Holy Places in Gujarat

Apart from the exquisite craftsmanship and the deep ascetic beauty of the state of Gujarat, there is an underlying current of spirituality that makes it one of the most coveted destinations for religious tourism.

Tourism has a sequenced channel that promotes many places of spiritual importance of Gujarat. A large number of people congregate to such places in every season. The areas of Gujarat are known as Kathiyawad and Saurashtra and they are acres of sacred land as most spiritual spots are around them.

The Temple of Akshardham in Gandhinagar

This temple is dedicated to Sri Swaminarayan Bhagwan who is in incarnation to Lord Vishnu. This temple is situated in the capital of Gujarat called Gandhinagar. The temple is full of intricate engravings of cultural and spiritual paraphernalia. Every day hundreds of poor people are fed at the Swaminarayan temple and there are huge facilities for conducting spiritual Sabha, religious discussions etc.

Shri Jalaram Temple Virpur

Jalaram Bapa is a huge worshipper and follower of Sri Rama. His entire life was devoted to the service of the needy and poor and many anecdotes are connected with him which focus on his needs for welfare and social service. This is one of the richest spiritual abode of the Gods and the temple authorities have stopped taking any money from the common public. If you visit this temple you will be regaled by anecdotes of miracles that happened in the Jalaram temple in the past.

Kalika Mata Temple in Pavagadh

Kalika Mata translates to “great black mother” and she is the inspiration behind the huge and famous temple of Kalika along with pilgrim centre at helm of Pavagadh Hill in the district of Panchmahal. This is a 10th or 11th century temple bearing resplendent images of three Goddesses. In the centre is Kalika Mata flanked by Goddess Kali in the right and Bahuchara Mata in the left. This is one of the Shakti Peeth and there I the provision of a rope way to reach the temple.

Ambaji in Banaskantha

Goddess Amba is one of the revered female power forms in India and many monuments have been erected in her name. Ambaji temple is recognised as the leading Shakti Peeth amongst the 51 mountains as mentioned in the volumnes. The sacred Ambaji is perched on top of Gabbar hill top. The temple peaks are all covered with solid gold and they reflect the marvellous golden light of the sun in a sensational manner. Sree Visa Yantra with profound spiritual significance is worshipped inside the temple and there are no idols or mages inside the premises.

Somnath Shiva Temple in Somnath

The most popular spiritual destination in Gujarat is the Somnath temple. The location is near Prabhas Patan or Veraval near Saurashtra. This is considered to be one of the 12 major Jyotirlinga of India. This temple has seen endless cycles of destruction (by Islamic Invaders) and re-emergence as it was re-built by Hindu Bhakts. The Somnath temple is not merely a temple…it is an expression of devotion towards the worship and belief in Lord Shiva.

There are other marvellous spiritual destinations in Gujarat and they are the Sri Krishna temples in Dakor Dwaraka, Junagadh Girnar temple, kalo dungar of Kutch, Chotila Chamunda Maa temple, Mataji na Madh in Kutch, Modhera Sun temple and so many more. For the spiritually inclined person who has an interest in mythology and religious symbolism, there can be no better destination than Gujarat.


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